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happy holidays

To kick off the Holiday Season, capSpire displayed kindness and goodwill by giving back to those in need. This year, the Houston team started a new tradition donating their time by volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. In that spirit...


Historically, commodity markets – specifically energy markets – have been known to be tough, volatile environments, hence risk management has long been a central concept in these markets.  But even by commodity-market standards, the...

OpenText Enterprise World

It’s important that 1st purchasers respond to lease bids with competitive offers to beat out many other buyers. However, it’s even more critical to pinpoint the right price—one that makes sense economically for the purchaser and...

What started in February 2009 as a small start-up with a niche for creating innovative solutions to streamline commodity management functions has grown into a global, strategically expanding company.   This month, capSpire marks its...

RegEx ReplaceAll

Posted By Ossie MooreOctober 18, 2013Blog, ECM, General

Recently, while implementing a new feature in Content Server, I needed a function that would replace each substring of a string that matched a given regular expression with a new string. Because the builtin Str object does not provide...

Click here to view the capSpire Connection for the summer of 2013 that highlights our new Allegro practice and discusses capSpire’s company culture that won the Sloan award for excellence in workplace effectiveness and flexibility....