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capSpire and Blubaker Help Government of Canada Personnel Redefine Content Management in OpenText Content Server Seminar

This month, capSpire and Blubaker will host a complimentary seminar and luncheon—focusing on improving content-management processes in OpenText Content Server and overcoming issues commonly experienced in the GCDOCS environment—for Government of Canada personnel. If you’re interested in attending this event, register here to save your seat.
“The event will take place February 15, 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Ottawa, Canada, beginning at 8:30 a.m. EST. “The seminar is all about helping this audience redefine how they manage their content, including making processes simpler and giving them more control over the whole experience. Users should be able to easily categorize content, find content on demand, and manage permissions and privileges to access content,” said Bret Kimmel, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Practice Director at capSpire and a speaker at the seminar. “We are pleased to partner with Blubaker to engage government personnel, who have an especially critical need for a well-structured, secure, and easy-to-use content store, to help them understand how they can accomplish these goals.”

Topics of discussion on the seminar agenda include finding, cleansing, and migrating data from network file shares into Content Server; reorganizing and restructuring content taxonomies; improving content security; managing the volume and content of users’ personal workspaces; and extracting and migrating legacy email content from PST files to Content Server.

Additionally, the seminar will include live demonstrations of solutions that enhance the Content Server experience, including capSpire products Document Link Repair (DLR) and Privilege Security Management (PriSM):

  • DLR automatically detects and fixes broken links during the data-migration process. This enables users to continue to work with content uninterrupted, speeds up the migration process, reduces costly service downtime, and helps to maintain compliance.
  • PriSM extends content security far beyond what is typically available in Content Server. It enables system administrators to grant permission to employee groups or to specific employees to access content at the granular level—even down to individual objects. Content permissions are surfaced, which eliminates confusion and avoids putting content at risk of unauthorized exposure when users share content or move files. Furthermore, content privileges for system administrators—who would otherwise have global access—can be restricted.

To register for the seminar, please click here.

About capSpire and Blubaker

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