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The Cost of Broken Links

Broken links

Think about the last time you clicked on a link in a document or on a webpage—and it took you to an error screen. It was a bit annoying to not be able to find the information you were looking for, right?

Quick links are so convenient that they are second nature for authors and consumers of information. Users have grown to expect accurate information to be available immediate at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger. When links break, it causes frustration at best.

But in the worst case, broken links could have much more serious consequences. What if you were at a refinery and needed to shut down equipment in an emergency situation—but you were unable to access critical procedural information because of a broken link on the company website? The result could be loss of assets and injury to personnel.

The cost of broken links isn’t solely financial. Yes, companies can incur fines if inaccurate documentation brings companies out of compliance with regulations. Safety incidents can certainly be devastating from both a monetary and human perspective. But the costs can also be less tangible yet equally impactful, including loss of trust from stakeholders in corporate information repositories and published material online, and a diminished reputation in the marketplace.

Broken links are a common problem with many causes ranging from simple file-editing mistakes to system upgrades or content migrations. Company acquisitions and divestitures often necessitate updating thousands to millions of documents and websites to incorporate new company names and references.

Traditionally, repairing broken links has been a manual process. It’s often addressed with “Band-Aid workarounds” such as redirecting old links to new links, which may not work in all situations. And some automated solutions require extracting content, repairing it, and then re-importing it, which is time consuming and painful.

There is a better solution: capSpire’s Document Link Repair (DLR).

With its superior capabilities, DLR offers companies important benefits:

  • Preserves information continuity across enterprises through many types of disruptive events such as system upgrades, mergers and acquisitions, system integrations, and content migrations
  • Improves accuracy of information
  • Helps to maintain compliance
  • Promotes user confidence in company information systems
  • Avoids user frustration
  • Enhances safety in industry operations such as the aforementioned scenario about accessing emergency-procedure documentation
  • Reduces repair time
  • Minimizes interruptions to work

In-Place Link Repair

DLR is a standalone application that can reach into information repositories across an enterprise—including OpenText Content Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Shared Network drive storage, or any WebDav attached storage—to discover old or broken links and out-of-date content or text strings. Then DLR updates the links and content in place—at a rate of around 100 links per second. There is no need to export content for editing, which minimizes downtime. In fact, users can even continue to work with content during the repair process.

Support for Most File Types

DLR supports edits to Microsoft Office file types including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, regardless of the Office version they were created in. It can even search and update formulas embedded within Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, DLR supports generic file types such as Ascii text files and HTML.

Support for SharePoint Sites

In addition to accessing documents residing in SharePoint libraries, DLR reaches into SharePoint sites to update text strings and links in webpages or SharePoint list records. Has your company gone through a rename, acquisition, or divestiture, and now all of your SharePoint sites need to be updated? If so, DLR can automate the process and complete it in hours rather than weeks.

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