capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker

capSpire  offers a solution to easily generate images of workflow maps quickly and in real-time.  capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker offers configurable image formats, layouts and backgrounds and works with map definitions and instances.



Generate clean high-quality images of any workflow in just a few clicks. No more labor intensive process of doing a series of screen shots, cropping and stitching the images together and being disappointed at the quality of the results. With our solution, you’ll have a great image of your entire workflow suitable for print or embedding in just a few seconds. animated sequence



capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker allows administrators to utilize the “Make Image” option on the function menu to quickly generate a clean high-quality image of the workflow, specify the margin, background color, and output image format without leaving the screen.   Here are the main features of capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker:

  • Ability to generate images of a running workflow instance at any time from either the Workflow Status page of a workflow map or your Personal Workflows page.
  • Images are generated quickly and in real-time.
  • Works with tablets or smartphones. Now you can view your workflow map from anywhere or any device.
  • No configuration necessary. Adopts the convention over configuration philosophy, using sensible defaults during installation.
  • Allows administrators to change the global defaults used while allowing users to choose what’s best for their needs.

Sample Outputs


capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker can generate high-quality images (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png).  Click on the thumbnails below to see actual images generated by capSpire’s Workflow Image Maker:

  • This is an example generated from a workflow map definition of an expense approval workflow.


  • This is an image generated from a running instance of the expense approval workflow.