Why You Should Upgrade to RightAngle s17

POSTED BY Jaydeep Shah ON March 14, 2019 IN Blog, E/CTRM, Featured Resource, RightAngle

Previously, we discussed the dilemma that many users of older versions of energy/commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) systems encounter: Should you upgrade your existing E/CTRM system or switch to an entirely new system? If your company uses RightAngle and has decided to upgrade, you should know that version s17 is about to be released—and …

Should You Upgrade or Replace Older Versions of Your E/CTRM System?

POSTED BY Jaydeep Shah ON December 14, 2018 IN Blog, E/CTRM

Many users of E/CTRM systems fall into one of two camps: Either they know definitively that they want to upgrade their existing E/CTRM system or they want to evaluate other E/CTRM systems in the market to verify which solution is the best fit for their current business—with the possibility of making a switch to a …

Inventory Reconciliation Without Spreadsheets? Yes!

POSTED BY Jaydeep Shah ON March 28, 2018 IN Blog, E/CTRM, RightAngle

If your business is like many others, your personnel spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring that your inventory numbers are accurate. Inventory accuracy has far-ranging implications. In an integrated system, it allows traders to know their salable volume and what they need to purchase for future obligations. It also enables schedulers to …

Risk Management in The New World

POSTED BY Jaydeep Shah ON August 3, 2016 IN Blog, E/CTRM

Historically, commodity markets – specifically energy markets – have been known to be tough, volatile environments, hence risk management has long been a central concept in these markets.  But even by commodity-market standards, the changes witnessed in the last few years are unprecedented and unique.  How the markets have changed Extreme volatility in supply/demand balances, …



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