Increase margins, optimize inventory levels and plan for multiple supply and demand scenarios with capSpire's Supply Chain Optimization Solution

NGL trading and marketing companies have unique challenges around storage and annual planning. Our solution is tailored to the operating practices of NGL organizations and helps them maximize margins and react quickly to market changes.

Marketing and trading planning

Marketing and Supply Planning

capSpire’s solution enables midstream organizations to model their supply chain network over a planning season and develop an optimization run that returns a full operational schedule focused on maximizing margins.

  • Make informed buy and sell decisions
  • Understand and identify location spreads
  • Identify time spreads and contango opportunities
  • Easily identify the most profitable supply and demand options

Transport and  Scheduling Optimization

The platform optimizes the nomination process by generating daily, weekly, and monthly play-by-play operation schedules that satisfy contractual constraints and maximize profits.

  • Evaluate all transport methods including pipeline, rail, truck, barge, and vessel
  • Create suggested schedules that optimize logistics decisions across transport methods
  • Understand the impacts of shipping delays or cuts to nomination volumes
  • Optimize your fleet sizing by giving you visibility into rail-car, truck, and vessel requirements based upon your supply and demand scenarios



Inventory Optimization and Valuation


You invest strategically in your storage assets. Whether you want to better capitalize on those assets or analyze the impact of adding new assets, the platform shows you the P&L impact so that you can make the most profitable decisions.

  • Intelligently manage inventory based on supply and demand
  • Identify optimal safety stock level
  • Easily understand inventory rundown reports
  • Evaluate new storage locations options and quickly rank new storage capacity by margin uplift

Supply Chain Optimization for NGLs

Increase margins, optimize inventory levels and plan for multiple supply and demand scenarios.

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What if analysis

Simulation and What-If Analysis


The solution allows you to run scenarios through the simulation and optimization engine. The result is real-world, profit-optimized, play-by-play plans for your strategic, annual, and daily operational decisions.

  • Simulate changes in market conditions (supply, demand, and prices)
  • Quickly react to impacts of new assets or contract changes
  • Deliver what-if analysis for new contracts, storage facilities and transport options
  • Interpret the economic impact of various scenarios using easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Run expected, best, and worst-case scenarios to create risk-mitigation plans that help you prepare for change


Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

In the NGLs marketing business, one of the keys to a profitable season is an accurate demand forecast. SCO includes a comprehensive web-based module that allows you to collect your demand forecast from your marketers.

  • Allows your managers to approve and lock that forecast or apply adjustments
  • Audit your forecast and hold the organization accountable
  • React quickly when things are changing rapidly in the busy part of the season and gives everyone equal visibility

Integration Tools

Integration Tools

SCO includes the full list of adapters available to all capSpire products. For the SCO for NGLs module, these adapters include CTRM and logistics systems. In addition, the platform can be customized to connect to in-house systems. In the case of SCO for NGLs, that usually includes inventory systems or other scheduling systems.

  • Integrate existing data from other source systems to avoid keying in data again for the purposes of optimization
  • Augment data in an easy-to-use Excel interface that is integrated with our core model and tag data so that it can be seamlessly integrated with other sources
  • Quickly identify and correct gaps in your data using extensive validation routines
  • Easily handles growing data volumes and integration points


  • Boost profitability by 10% or more
  • Take your scheduling capabilities to the next level
  • Maximize usage of your storage and transportation assets
  • Identify the best options with higher accuracy before making investment decisions
  • Rely on the system to uncover opportunities that would be hard to find manually
  • Improve reporting and visibility into operating costs for your supply chain
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Increase the accuracy of scheduling data
  • Use look-back capabilities to identify opportunities for improvement and better inform future plans

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