The premier solution for exchanging information between Producers, First Purchasers, and Third-Party Haulers

The Gravitate Crude Portal is a customer-engagement platform revolutionizing the way first purchasers and crude haulers communicate and share information among producers, other third-party haulers, and internal marketers and dispatchers. The heart of the Gravitate platform is an easy-to-use web interface that provides organizations with solutions for historically manual processes.

Producer Portal


The Producer Portal gives producers instant access and critical insights into leases, orders and run tickets. The configurable dashboard offers users a graphical view into:

  • total barrels and average quality by month.
  • open orders by status.
  • average days on book.
  • rejects by month with drill downs into reject reasons.
  • ticket alerts due to rejects, short loads or out-of-spec quality.
  • top 10 leases.
  • haul summary by month.

Using the innovative lease forecast, producers can identify tank batteries that need to be emptied and quickly enter one or more orders.

The Run Tickets page allows producers to easily review and dispute run tickets, and download tickets to Excel.  This enables producers to start reviewing tickets long before run statements are sent.

Third-Party Hauler Portal


The third-party hauler portal gives haulers access to orders allocated to them.  Third-party haulers can easily upload run tickets to the portal by using the run ticket entry screen or the XLS uploader.  Performance metrics are displayed, and automated notifications are sent that encourage third-party haulers to provide the run tickets in a timely manner.

Gravitate Crude Portal

The premier solution for exchanging information between Producers, First Purchasers and Third-Party Haulers

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Dispatcher and Marketer Portal


The Dispatcher and Marketer portal provides information that dispatchers and marketers need to measure performance and make advised decisions.  In addition to the visualizations described in the producer portal, dispatchers and marketers can view:

  • MTD (month-to-date) total barrels and quality by region, with drill-down into barrels and quality by receiving stations.
  • Diverts by month with drill-down into divert reason.
  • Total load miles by month.

Data can be easily analyzed with the portal’s powerful analytics and charting features.  For example, the Lease Summary page allows users to view important metrics about a lease that help identify data trends or anomalies.


Easy to Extend


Perhaps the most powerful of the Gravitate Crude Portal’s features allows users to easily configure and extend the portal to meet essential business requirements.  One size does not fit all businesses.  The Gravitate Crude Portal is easy to tailor and customize to an organization’s specific needs.


How Does It Work?

  • Data is seamlessly integrated from your internal systems into the Gravitate Crude Portal.  capSpire has integrations with leading dispatch/ticketing and commodity trading and risk-management systems (CTRM).  If we don’t already have an out-of-the-box integration, we’ll provide the basic integration on our dime.
  • Our functional experts will work with your organization to customize the portal to meet specific needs.
  • We’ll help you define rollout and training plans to ensure that your internal and external users get the most benefit from the portal.
  • As your business changes, we’ll be there to help extend the portal to support your operations.


  • Provides marketers and dispatchers with critical insights and performance metrics that will drive better decision-making.
  • Provides third-party haulers with tools and analytics to drive performance and more timely information.
  • Drives significant process efficiency across the entire lease-crude life cycle.
  • Enables producers to review and dispute tickets during the month to avoid crunch time before the 20th.

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