If you are looking for tips to increase the value of your Risk Management data in RightAngle, this is a must attend webinar.

Join capSpire as we deliver key insights into leading risk management tools for the energy sector, as well as tips on how to get the most out of your risk management strategy using E/CTRM systems combined with visualization and analytics software. Press play to view.

Discussion Topics:

            • Uncover tips and tricks to maximize risk management in RightAngle
            • Understand the do’s and dont’s when configuring risk in RightAngle
            • Learn why accounting’s numbers don’t always match with the trading and risk management groups
            • Review how industry leaders are leveraging analytics and visualization tools to manage risk more effectively
            • Discuss how analytics helps identify trends and outliers across the commodity trading portfolio
            • Simplify the communication of risk management across the organization with analytics and visualization tools