What is Lease Crude Optimization and how are industry leaders leveraging it?

Does your organization nominate based on lease profitability? What process do you have in place to revise and improve nominations to maximize margins?

When you bid a new lease how do you evaluate break-even economics versus the competition? How do you ensure you’re buying lease volume at the right price?

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How does your organization plan for truck dispatching? Are you taking crude to the same station without evaluating its profitability? If a station goes down, how do you make sure the new station will provide the target margin?

Major Crude-Oil Refiner Optimizes Its Supply Chain, Saving Up To 10 Cents Per Barrel

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Do you review monthly performance in a way that challenges the company to increase margins? How effectively can you measure lease margins, quality constraints, and transportation costs as it relates to the optimal supply chain?

Benefits of optimizing your crude supply chain

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