Content Quota Manager

For companies struggling to manage data growth of their ECM solution, capSpire’s Content Quota Manager is a new governance product that provides companies granular control of content growth and revision.


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The capSpire Quota Management module gives organizations the ability to govern the size of structures users can perform potentially harmful operations on. Operations covered are move, delete, copy and project outline.

Many organizations need to govern the growth of their environment. The capSpire Quota Management module allows organizations to create Content Growth Quotas. Whether you are looking to govern the growth of Personal Workspaces generally, or specific folders, Content Growth Quotas are flexible and powerful enough to meet your needs.

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Operational Limitations


Managing your operational limits is important and often requires flexibility.   With capSpire’s Content Quota Manager you can put the power in the user’s hand.

Administrators have the ability to specify the maximum size structure users are allowed to:

  • Move
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Perform a Project Outline against
operational limits

Content Growth


Automating the management of content growth is long overdue.  capSpire’s tools deliver flexible containers that are configured at different levels to trigger alerts at different “content” levels to trigger alerts and notifications when violations occur.

  • Support for soft and hard limits
  • Can handle quota violations in a variety of ways.
  • Can be applied to Personal Workspace volumes as a whole.
  • Can be applied to individual containers. These can be folders, projects, or any other container you can browse to.
  • By default, content owners are notified when a violation occurs. However, you can choose any user or group you wish as the recipient of the notifications.
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