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4 Reasons Why Allegro Users Should Upgrade to Allegro Horizon

Upgrade Horizon

Right now, it’s a great time to upgrade to Allegro Horizon. This newest version of the software has been through several successful implementations since it was introduced more than a year ago.

A big differentiator for Allegro Horizon is that the software lets you buy modules in a piecemeal manner so that you only get exactly what you need if your business has changed or expanding. And most notably, Allegro Horizon is the first cloud-friendly version of the software. This cuts down on your infrastructure and maintenance needs, and enables you to access your CTRM system from any location. 

Is your organization considering an upgrade to your current version of Allegro? Join capSpire’s webinar as we address prevalent questions about Allegro upgrades and explore compelling reasons why upgrading can benefit your business.

Whether you’re currently operating on Allegro 8.0 or a version that’s several years old, regularly upgrading your software is critical for improving the day-to-day function of your CTRM system and can yield significant ROI:

  • You benefit from the latest software enhancements, which make your system more user friendly and improve overall performance. In Allegro Horizon, valuation and grid performance are some of the more noteworthy improvements. It is important to consider that, going forward, any new enhancements will be available only in Allegro Horizon—not in earlier versions of the software.
  • You can streamline and improve business processes. An upgrade is an opportunity to conduct a gap analysis, consider what processes aren’t working well, and reflect on how your business has changed since you last upgraded your software. 
  • You have the opportunity to implement new business streams. You also need to consider where your business is headed in the future. An upgrade is an opportunity to configure your system to handle new business requirements that may be quite different from your other operations. 
  • You receive better support from Allegro development. Any vendor provides more robust support for their most recent product.

However, there are many best practices you should consider during an upgrade, including:

  • Define key business scenarios to help validate system functionality.  Don’t expect things will work as they always have.
  • Along with testing your business scenarios, don’t overlook performance testing. Your business should have expected time metrics for market-to-market valuations, deal capture, and settlement valuation. Use larger data sets when performing these tests. Additionally, test on infrastructure that is similar to your production setup so that your times are more in line with what you would expect in production.
  • Analyze class events in case methods and web services have changed so that your organization can understand the potential investment in your project plan. This can eliminate any surprises you could find during testing.
  • Test interfaces thoroughly with your other systems to avoid disruptions in data and ensure optimal performance. Similarly to how we suggest you approach class events, analyze your interface to see what would need to be changed, at a minimum.

Allegro is a complex system with many moving parts. This is why it’s critical to have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to assist you during your system upgrade and when creating custom extensions.

At capSpire, most of our Allegro consultants are former Allegro product managers, senior-level consultants, and seasoned business users. They have a collective near-century of experience with this software, which enables us to provide the functional and technical expertise you need for a successful upgrade. To facilitate upgrades, we’ve created a unique toolkit that includes cAST, and Dependency Analyzer. Furthermore, our portfolio of work includes leading one of the first and largest implementations of Allegro Horizon.

Considering an Allegro upgrade? For more information, join us for our upcoming webcast, Anatomy of a Successful Allegro Upgrade, Thursday, November 2nd, 11:00 am CDT. Register now to save your spot.



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