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All about capSpire Operations Support, Part 5: Continuous Improvement by Patrick Elliott

The energy and commodity industry isn’t static.

After all, markets are dynamic. Regulations are continually updated. Businesses grow and evolve. Software vendors release new versions and patches.

In response, support services for commodity trading and risk management systems need to be agile as well.

Companies want to be sure they’re getting the best operations support possible. This involves support service providers evolving with them, and constantly looking to improve their quality of service, knowledge of technology, and understanding of ever-changing market conditions and business needs.

This is exactly what our team at capSpire is committed to.

How do we demonstrate our dedication to continuous improvement?

  • This drive is embedded in our company’s DNA. It’s actually capSpire’s motto: We believe there is a better way. To us, every day and every client encounter presents fresh opportunities to learn, discover, and improve.

Because our objective is to build long-term relationships with clients, we believe that true success is achieved by continuously refining and improving the quality and value of the services we bring to market. 

  • It’s easier to enhance a process or even an entire system when you have a solid understanding of the technology and when customization is or isn’t required. As a partner of leading CTRM vendors around the world and with a team comprising former employees of those vendors, we know CTRM technology well and continue to educate ourselves with each CTRM platform’s release.

But what about in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses?

We purposefully take the time to understand a client’s business from top to bottom, and why they use their CTRM system the way they do. Whenever we onboard a new client, we learn about their business, the processes they use, their current CTRM system, and all their other systems governing their operations.

The more we know, the more we can make a valuable impact.

  • We monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for clients’ CTRM systems and track changes in regulations. This enables us to proactively watch out for and resolve any issues that could disrupt operations.

  • Where appropriate, we build and regularly update a knowledge heat map of our competencies across all key functional and technical areas of importance to each client’s business. This heat map helps to drive our internal process evaluations.

  • We consistently evaluate our service reviews. If something isn’t working—and we’re open with clients about what we feel needs to be fixed—then we find ways to improve. We also hold regular internal meetings to discuss what’s going on with our clients to share knowledge and ideas.

  • We continually communicate with clients to make sure our work targets their priorities—that we’re making a meaningful impact on their businesses.

At capSpire, our never-ending quest to find a better way to meet clients’ needs translates into better outcomes for your company. 

Previously, my colleague Dave Webb wrote about why having a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) support services partner is so beneficial. To expand on the conversation about why capSpire is different from other CTRM consultancies, read more about what else, in addition to our dedication to continuous improvement, sets us apart: our governance, service delivery, user engagement, and our quality of support.

If you have any questions about capSpire’s operations support team, please contact me and my team at

Patrick Elliott has more than 15 years of technology experience, of which the last 10 years have been specifically focused on the energy industry and CTRM systems. Previously gaining broad development experience across many technologies and delivering thoughtfully crafted solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries, Pat moved into the energy sector with a primary focus on implementation and extension delivery of well-known CTRM systems across a multitude of clients and regions. In recent years, Pat has grown capSpire Ltd’s managed services offering by managing support projects for clients and providing guidance for support services team members.

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capSpire’s Operations Support team has the unique combination of system expertise and business and industry experience required to successfully troubleshoot, maintain, monitor, and enhance clients’ complex and often customized CTRM systems. To be trusted by and easily accessible to some of the world’s leading energy and commodities companies, our team is strategically located in in-demand regions around the globe. Learn about how we produce raving fans with our Better Way mentality by visiting



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