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Another Reason to Upgrade to the latest version of RightAngle: The Enhanced ATM Module

If you’re using a version of RightAngle prior to s14, you’re completely missing out on the Asset Transaction Management (ATM) module. You have to manage nominations outside RightAngle. If your meter tickets apply to more than one shipper, your tickets are split between multiple shippers at both receipt and delivery—and have to be managed in spreadsheets and input manually into RightAngle. And unless you’ve built a web portal or an extension, all your customer interactions take place over email or over the phone, which can result in lost information. This also means that your customers are unable to access invoices and ticket activity independently and in real time. There’s a better way to work.

RightAngle s14, which introduced the ATM module, was the turning point. Version s14, and subsequently version s15, expanded the architecture of the module so that pipeline tickets interfaced automatically with the system or could be manually entered into the system as a meter ticket. Tickets could be split and distributed to single or multiple shippers.

Then along came RightAngle s16—the game changer. Where versions s14 and s15 brought pipeline activity into RightAngle and automated ticketing, version s16 also did the same for storage activity, including trucking, rail, third-party pipelines, and fractionation.

The enhanced functionality enables you to perform many more tasks within the system:

  • Fractionate barrels
  • Assess pipeline loss allowance (PLA) on receipt tickets
  • Enter and manage storage nominations
  • Send notifications to customers related to nominations and invoicing
  • Obtain real-time reporting on tickets, inventory, nominations, shipments, and more so that you can make business decisions faster
  • Load and share documents with customers
  • Initiate and manage product transfer orders (PTOs)

The benefit of this is that you can capture more of your assets in RightAngle and automate the processes for each asset, which makes your business run more efficiently and makes work easier for your personnel. You can also provide enhanced customer service by giving your customers more visibility.

Want to take advantage of all RightAngle has to offer? Contact for more information on upgrading RightAngle to the latest version.


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