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capSpire Wins Prestigious When Work Works Award for Creating a Workplace Employees Love

For the fifth consecutive year, capSpire has won the When Work Works award. In 2017, the award also represents a major milestone as it marks the first time capSpire has won this award in three states: Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

For the capSpire team, it’s no surprise that the company is recognized annually for being a sought-after workplace. One of the reasons why capSpire attracts the best and brightest, and makes them want to stay for the long term, is that capSpire is a place where people actually want to come to work each day.

We offer a unique culture in which we take our projects seriously, but we reject the idea that work has to be a drudgery.

We treat our fellow team members well and we understand what really motivates people to put forth their best effort. Most of all, we like to have fun and enjoy being together. Without our people, these accomplishments would not be possible. A huge thank you to our outstanding team for fostering capSpire’s unique culture and believing in a better way to work.
Receiving this award for the fifth time confirms that we are holding true to our culture despite rapid growth,” says Jeff Hardcastle, capSpire Co-Founder. “When we first won the award back in 2012, we were only a company of 30 people. Five years later, we are a team of 100, yet our people still feel the trust, autonomy, respect, and satisfaction that have always been a critical part of capSpire’s team.

Administered by the Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the When Work Works award recognizes businesses of all sizes and types across the U.S. that have transformed their workplaces to be more efficient and flexible.

The FWI and SHRM evaluated capSpire on several factors associated with employee health, well-being, and engagement: opportunities for learning; a culture of trust; work-life balance; support from supervisors; employee autonomy; and satisfaction with earnings, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

One of our core values is ‘people over profits.’ We’ve always believed that having fulfilled employees lays the foundation for everything we do. Our business simply doesn’t exist without our team performing exceptional work,” says Megan Coger, Director of the People Team.

capSpire fosters employee satisfaction in a variety of ways. A piece of that is financial satisfaction, but our efforts go far beyond money. For us, it’s about the caliber of the people you work with. It’s about the trust and autonomy you have to make the right decisions without being micromanaged. It’s about having a voice and being heard throughout the company, regardless of your position. It’s about the opportunities you have to grow and be challenged. It’s about the support and respect you get from everyone in the organization. It’s about feeling like you are making a difference by solving really hard problems. And it’s about each team member being able to set the pace and direction of their own career growth. It’s tapping into these intrinsic motivators that really define who we are as a company.

To hire and retain top performers, capSpire offers a range of rare and highly coveted benefits:

  • 100% of insurance premiums paid for all employees and families
  • Open vacation policy that offers generous flexibility to take breaks and refuel when needed
  • 100 new friends that are like-minded in the desire to solve hard problems while also having a good time
  • Three different laptop options (Mac, Dell, or Surface Pro) so you can work how you prefer and select the most comfortable machine for you
  • Abundant travel opportunities

At capSpire, we have been intentional about discovering “better ways” from the start—and that includes better, more engaging ways of working.

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