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capSpire ignite: What You Need to Know

capspire ignite

Are you a recent college graduate who’s considering joining the capSpire team? If so, you’re probably wondering what happens next after you go through the recruitment process. Once you’ve officially secured your place on capSpire’s team—after the obligatory celebration, of course — you’ll be on your way to capSpire ignite.

What exactly is capSpire ignite?

Designed for recent graduates or professionals with a few years of relevant experience, it’s capSpire’s answer to a traditional graduate training program. Over a period of eight weeks, new hires from across the globe converge in one location to train to become successful capSpire consultants. With a more comprehensive, in-depth curriculum than many other companies, you’ll walk away with the information, skills, tools, and mentoring relationships you’ll need to begin your career on the right note.

What will you learn about?

capSpire ignite bridges the gap between what you learn in college and the skills required to be successful as a consultant. Knowledge is considered equally important as skills such as working effectively within a team, problem-solving, and good time management.

The training covers many topics and delivers critical benefits:

  • Get introduced to capSpire and “the capSpire way” of working
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the industries and markets that capSpire operates within
  • Learn an overview of capSpire’s products and services, which includes functional and technical training in E/CTRM software, as well as specific vendor training from capSpire’s software partners
  • Attain the confidence to immediately engage with Fortune 500 clients

What sets the capSpire ignite experience apart?

Very few companies dedicate the equivalent time and resources to setting new employees up for success or providing them with access to company leadership. During your first weeks of capSpire ignite, you have the opportunity to meet with the co-founder of the company, Jeff Hardcastle. He provides an introduction to the company, the fundamentals of the E/CTRM industry, and, from his experience, the skills he feels necessary to become a successful consultant. Forming these relationships with company leaders early in your career is indicative of capSpire’s flat structure and unique, people-oriented culture.

Finally, capSpire ignite culminates in a mock implementation of an E/CTRM system, which simulates a real-world client environment provides participants with the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they developed throughout the program.

What is work like after completing capSpire ignite?

Overall, capSpire ignite is an intense and challenging process. Afterward, you return to your home office and continue to complete vendor certifications while solving client problems within a collaborative team.

Do you have what it takes to complete the capSpire ignite training and thrive in our work environment? To learn more about capSpire, introduce yourself to us, and apply for open positions, please visit

About capSpire

capSpire provides the unique combination of industry knowledge and business expertise required to deliver impactful business solutions. Trusted by some of the world’s leading companies, capSpire’s team of industry experts and senior advisors empowers its clients with the business strategies and solutions required to effectively streamline business processes and attain maximum value from their supporting IT infrastructure. For more information, please visit



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