Consulting at capSpire: the 1 Year Mark by Patrick Erstine

Before joining capSpire, I worked at a Fortune 50-sized oil and gas corporation, where I found myself eventually craving more exciting challenges from my work. I was fortunate to find a fit for my skills at capSpire. Working here over the past year has provided me with an ambitious, fast-paced, and immensely enjoyable work experience, which I’ll dive into in today’s blog.

capSpire’s company culture and management practices are reminiscent of those mentioned in fantastic works like “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t” by James Collins, which explores how companies at any stage can achieve enduring greatness. A major pillar of Collins’ research examines the magical equation of a culture of discipline plus an ethic of entrepreneurship resulting in magnificent results, akin to capSpire’s attitude from the top down. 

Differentiators like these and a few key others allow capSpire to stand out as a star player in the industry:

  1. The art of hiring and retention. Hiring talented people is tough. Keeping talented people is even tougher. capSpire turns the game on its head by intentionally doing the following: hiring with intention, fielding teams of rockstar, A player consultants for its clients, and refusing to build “filler teams” for projects. Teams of purely A players who each have a defined purpose experience less drama, politics, and are more willing to help each other achieve project goals. Personally, this is one of the most refreshing aspects of working for capSpire. I come home less stressed about office politics and more focused on the ability to deliver great work for my clients. 
  2. A united mantra. “We believe there is a better way.” This is capSpire’s axiom, purposefully echoed across the entire company. The company itself exists because we believe our clients deserve a better experience than the industry standard. Our commitment to the better way mentality even when it requires more effort is the not-so-secret sauce. It creates loyal fans of our work. It wins clients and then turns them into lifelong friends and advocates. It puts us a proud cut above the rest.
  3. When market and system meet. A frequently under-represented benefit of capSpire consultants is the high level of both market and system knowledge. Our clients don’t have to teach our consultants complex topics like crude pricing and settlement, renewable fuels environmental credits, or electricity pricing. capSpire consultants arrive on-site as experts. The efficiency gained benefits everyone involved and clients can have confidence their configuration will be correct, as capSpire consultants have done nearly identical work for other clients. The consultants with the most industry knowledge also help establish best practices across the company for certain activities. 
  4. Transparency first. capSpire maintains an extremely flat organizational structure, removing unnecessary layers of middle management. Your ideas aren’t just heard, but respected, and there’s a base expectation that you respect and encourage other team members’ ideas. This respectful workplace combined with capSpire’s organically diverse set of backgrounds results in boundless creative solutions for our clients. Best of all, the leadership team is readily available to talk to all employees at any time on any issue. From a broader internal perspective, I have never felt cut off from understanding the company’s broader strategy or unable to get real answers to the important questions I was asking. 
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