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Resilience Through Digital Transformation by William Decker

To say that COVID-19 has changed the world is an understatement. Sometimes the systems that we rely upon and use everyday will experience such a shock that the underlying structures and interactions are changed forever. Right now we are making our way through a COVID-19 world, but we will move past COVID-19 and we cannot make the assumption that things will return to the way they were before. 

Right now, the ‘normal’ of tomorrow is being redefined by people and businesses creating new ways of navigating through each day. It is imperative that individuals and institutions actively embrace this creative process in order to understand both what tomorrow will be and to help shape it. Many that decide to passively wait on the sidelines for things to return to the old ‘normal’ will likely be left behind as ‘the way things used to be’ never returns. 

Digital technology adoption has continued to accelerate even faster. Families are using software originally designed for company conference meetings or getting their first home delivery of groceries. People are also becoming more comfortable with using technology to properly work from home and keep their work secure. These new technologies are rapidly becoming an everyday part of life and everything from the way that we work, manage our healthcare, and even socialize is going to be impacted.  

COVID-19 is also impacting how companies do business with one another and much in the same way that we are figuring out how to leverage technology to stay healthier and work safer, companies will also have to figure out how to leverage technology in this new landscape to deal with how things are going to change. They will need to learn how to use data lakes to manage disparate data sources or incorporate serverless systems into their processes to speed up their DevOps cycle. They will also have to face challenges such as figuring out: Where are we with technology? Where are we trying to go with technology? And what is the best way to get there? 

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