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Why You Absolutely Should Take Advantage of RightAngle’s CreditCenter

Why should you take advantage of RightAngle’s CreditCenter? If your trading organization is like many others, you’re probably using a third-party tool that integrates data from RightAngle to manage customer credit information.

As a result, you’re probably also experiencing a number of issues that hamper efficiency:

  • You constantly have to ask traders if they have the most recent credit data and, if not, you have to track it down for them. This can be time consuming.
  • You have to reconcile information derived from a third-party tool with RightAngle. This also takes time that could be spent on other activities, and introduces the potential for user error that can result in inaccurate credit reports.
  • You struggle with the disconnect between credit release from your cash management system and your credit tool.

Are you familiar with RightAngle’s credit-management module, CreditCenter? CreditCenter resolves all these dilemmas. It enables you to manage different credit instruments and credit lines within a single place, which eliminates the time and risk of error with reconciling third-party tools.

For more information about leveraging RightAngle to better manage credit across your organization, register for an upcoming webinar titled Get the most out of RightAngle’s CreditCenter. The webinar, hosted by capSpire with a special guest from United Energy Trading, will take place Thursday, August 2nd, at 11 a.m. CDT.


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