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The final test for our capSpire Ignite graduates? Hosting the biggest and best party of the year, of course.

    • One of our most beloved traditions is that the previous year’s graduates of the capSpire Ignite training program host a party on the last night of our annual company retreat.
    • This party always has a fun, unique theme and incorporates a large, company-wide activity.
    • The 2021 theme was Minute to Win It, which involved teams competing in timed games.

For graduates of the capSpire Ignite program, successfully completing the mock implementation of a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system and then returning to their home offices to delve into project work isn’t the end of their capSpire initiation.

Far from it.

real test of whether they have what it takes to make it at capSpire is…the famous party on the last night of our capSpire annual retreat. Hosted by graduates of the previous year’s Ignite training program to celebrate their first anniversary as capSpire employees, our finale party is a favorite, most beloved tradition at our retreat among us capSpirians. We like to close out the week’s festivities on a high note, and we like to have a lot of fun together as a group.

The party-hosting responsibilities of Ignite graduates involve selecting a theme and planning a large, company-wide activity. For
our 2021 retreat, Ignite graduates selected Minute to Win It as the theme. Dressed in matching t-shirts that coincide with the party theme, teams competed in timed games—everything from shuffleboard to Jenga stacking and axe throwing. Being natural problem solvers and collaborators, we enjoyed strategizing within our teams on how to best execute the games.

Throughout the evening, food trucks were lined up to serve diverse cuisine while the annual retreat playlist, an eclectic collection of songs submitted by our team members, played in the background. 

Our standards are pretty high—these new capSpire employees are under pressure to meet the expectations set by their predecessors. After all, in previous years, Ignite graduates have planned awesome themed activities, such as a city-wide Amazing Race competition, a World Series baseball event at a Tulsa baseball stadium, a carnival, and a Survivor competition.  

Want to learn more about what makes our company culture, and therefore our company retreat, so special? Are you curious about joining the capSpire team and think you can bring the right level of fun and ingenuity to our retreat? We encourage you to
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