Extracting Maximum Value from CTRM Systems

POSTED BY Rob Parker ON July 24, 2018 IN Blog, E/CTRM

Our clients want to realize the full potential of their investment in a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system. However, there is a general feeling among clients that their CTRM system can fully support their entire trading business, but they have not yet achieved this and are unsure how to get there. System infrastructure, …

cAST Simplifies Day-to-Day Allegro Use Without Additional Support

POSTED BY Rob Parker ON March 8, 2017 IN Allegro, Blog, E/CTRM

A single application that you can download and run for free, cAST enables you to work with your full Allegro system and gain back-end data access—without logging directly into the database and complicating security. Instead, users of cAST can perform many database-related tasks via Allegro Web Services, which is either installed on-site or cloud-based. cAST …



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