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How a Managed Services Partner Simplifies CTRM Support & Maintenance

Managed Services

Today, organizations that trade commodities have many technical challenges that are often difficult for their own IT department to manage. This is especially true for new trading companies with an IT department still in its infancy. Specialized managed services is a cost-effective way to ensure your Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) environment is supported and maintained by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Partnering with product experts saves time and resources

CTRM platforms are very complex. They need to be highly configurable to address the many challenges faced by commodity trading firms in today’s volatile markets and, more often than not, there are several ways in which a business process can be modeled.

Because of the specific knowledge and skills required for a successful implementation, finding the right partner is crucial when implementing or upgrading to a new CTRM platform. Considering the in-depth knowledge and skills required to successfully implement a CTRM platform, the same can also be said for the long-term maintenance and support of the platform.

The Value of a Trusted Managed Services Partner

Once the CTRM platform is live, organizations can overlook the value of a managed services partner. The knowledge transfer from the implementation team to the internal IT department can be long, arduous and incomplete. Companies are also vulnerable to the risk of internal staff members or consultants leaving, which results in a loss of knowledge and expertise. 

As a result, it is advisable for organizations to consider engaging a trusted managed services partner with whom this knowledge and experience is extensive and persistent. A managed services partner can offer comprehensive, low-risk, and cost-effective maintenance and support for the post go-live phase of the CTRM platform, including:

  • Production support
  • Steady-state development (break fix and minor enhancements)
  • Hardware/architecture maintenance, including cloud-hosted CTRM platforms
  • System monitoring
  • On-site and/or remote support
  • Support outside of traditional office hours

Why capSpire?

At capSpire, our team of experts are known for their passion to simplify commodity management for our clients and craft solutions that attain maximum value from trading and risk management systems. We’re considered the go-to solution integrator for trading and risk systems.

By providing managed services to our clients, we ensure that our deep experience with CTRM systems, business functions, and development of custom extensions are available to support any future challenges or changes.

capSpire offers our clients additional solutions beyond standard managed services offerings, including:

  • Access to a team with vast knowledge, expertise, and a proven track record in successfully implementing CTRM platforms
  • Advice and guidance on implementing future business processes for specific CTRM products
  • Internally developed support tools and accelerators
  • Upgrade assessments

Our customer-centric approach enables us to be flexible in how we structure each managed services engagement to meet the specific client needs.
With capSpire as a managed services partner, clients can focus on their core business and gain peace of mind that their IT applications are being maintained by some of the industry’s leading experts.

Are you ready to move your CTRM support to a capSpire managed service?

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