The Optimal, Most Competitive Compensation Model for Fuel Truck Drivers

POSTED BY capSpire ON August 22, 2022 IN Advisory Services, Blog, Featured

If you’re in the fuel trucking space, you know one of the biggest challenges for the industry is the ongoing shortage of truck drivers. Companies are struggling with large numbers of drivers exiting the field, aging workforces, and an inability to recruit newer, younger drivers. So, what’s the solution for overcoming recruiting and retention problems? ...

Case Study: Technology Consulting with capSpire

POSTED BY capSpire ON November 8, 2021 IN Advisory Services, Blog, Case Study

  How capSpire helped one of America’s most well-known, vertically integrated c-stores create a business and IT landscape that provides better data visibility Interested in gaining a long-term partner with an in-depth understanding of both the company’s convenience store and fuel business, as well as the technology supporting potential systems? capSpire is ready to help …

Three Goals of capSpire’s Managed Services Offering

POSTED BY capSpire ON July 18, 2018 IN Advisory Services, Blog, E/CTRM

Did you know that capSpire provides managed services to clients that use commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) systems for their day-to-day management of trading, logistics, risk management, and accounting? Basically, it’s an ongoing relationship in which our consultants offer immediate support—whether on-site or remote—for issues as they arise. We want our clients to concentrate …

Mocoh Selects CTRM system using capSpire’s Advisory Services

POSTED BY capSpire ON May 14, 2018 IN Advisory Services, Blog, News, Press Release

Mocoh, a leading global supplier of crude oil and refined products, chose capSpire to help the company evaluate commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) systems. Mocoh’s decision to invest in a CTRM system followed a period of incredible growth, including its recent contract with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company. Through its advisory services and drawing …

How a Managed Services Partner Simplifies CTRM Support & Maintenance

POSTED BY Patrick Elliott and Daniel Twomey ON June 30, 2017 IN Advisory Services, Blog

Today, organizations that trade commodities have many technical challenges that are often difficult for their own IT department to manage. This is especially true for new trading companies with an IT department still in its infancy. Specialized managed services is a cost-effective way to ensure your Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) environment is supported …



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