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Three Goals of capSpire’s Managed Services Offering

Did you know that capSpire provides managed services to clients that use commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) systems for their day-to-day management of trading, logistics, risk management, and accounting? Basically, it’s an ongoing relationship in which our consultants offer immediate support—whether on-site or remote—for issues as they arise. We want our clients to concentrate on their businesses, not spend frustrating hours waiting for an IT issue to be fixed.

At capSpire, our depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of CTRM systems, as well as our team’s culture of collaboration and information sharing, enables us to help clients resolve issues quickly so that critical business can continue with minimal interruption.

For each managed services client, we have three primary goals:

  • Resolution. We recognize that most issues prevent or slow down work. Our priority is always to resolve issues in as timely a manner as possible and minimize the impact that issues can have on businesses. For example: If the numbers on a daily mark-to-market are not adding up, we understand the most important thing at that moment is to find what the correct numbers should be. If a key piece of data is missing and holding up the month-end accounting close, we’ll make sure it’s added in the quickest way possible.  
  • Prevention. Every issue that surfaces will be resolved, when possible, with an eye to preventing the issue from recurring. When an acceptable quick resolution does not meet this goal, we will make sure that visibility to the issue is maintained, and that a longer-term solution is identified and deployed. Back to our example: Now we look into fixing that mark-to-market issue so it doesn’t occur again. If it’s a complex and difficult issue to solve, we’ll make sure the correct daily numbers are available every day until a permanent fix is implemented.
  • Enablement. We strive to make each client as self-sufficient and successful as possible, as we believe it reflects well on our ability to share knowledge. For this reason, we consider it very important to share resolution steps with users, IT staff, or other members of the team.

Returning to our example one last time: We want clients to know how to avoid that mark-to-market issue in the future. If a badly configured deal caused the issue, we show the traders how to avoid that. If it’s a technical issue, we’ll fix it and help the IT people to understand what went wrong.

capSpire’s managed services offering is all about helping clients use their CTRM system to its maximum potential and extract the most value from their significant investment. The less often our clients need us as time goes on, the better the job we’ve done.

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