capSpire makes ongoing support for commodity trading and risk management ecosystems easy to acquire, cost effective, and flexible.

We complement in-house IT teams by serving as a strategic partner —there when you need us, able to fill in missing knowledge and skill gaps at a moment’s notice.

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Service Flexibility

and Quality


At capSpire, our never-ending quest to find a better way to meet clients’ needs translates into better outcomes for your company.

CTRM and

Our well-rounded, highly trained team members have collective centuries of experience in all major CTRM systems. This means that we have the technical skills and knowledge that companies need to support highly sophisticated and often customized CTRM systems.

What further sets us apart is our specialization in the energy and commodities industry. We understand how these types of businesses work and what’s important to them, and we’re ready to get to work on day 1 instead of needing clients to waste valuable time educating us.

This is an incredibly niche expertise that is in high demand, but short supply, around the world—and usually beyond the capabilities of the average IT professional. Under our managed-services arrangement, companies gain consistent access to the CTRM expertise they need, but that’s often difficult and expensive to acquire in house.

Our support team helps with a variety of issues beyond core software support:

  • Maintenance of day-to-day functions (trading, logistics, risk management, and accounting)
  • Production support, including support for customizations
  • Steady-state development (break-fix and minor enhancements)
  • Hardware and architecture maintenance
  • Ongoing system monitoring and proactive resolution of issues

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Strategic Client


Trust is often the number one factor that makes or breaks a client partnership. That’s why everything we do centers on building trust.

We encourage authentic, personal relationships with clients by:

  • Assigning dedicated team members to work with clients for the long term
  • Making ourselves highly accessible by strategically positioning our teams around the world (onshore and near shore) in high-demand regions to accommodate clients in a range of time zones
  • Offering multiple channels for communicating with us

In collaborating with our clients, capSpire takes a vastly different approach than other managed-services providers—one that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and empowerment:

  • Taking the time to understand our clients well—their business model, their processes and functions, how they’ve enhanced their CTRM system and why, who sits on their team, and what all the different players need in an optimally functioning system
  • Prioritizing our clients’ interests over our own
  • Communicating with clients at their level of technical knowledge and understanding of system capabilities
  • Regularly reporting on our progress and performance, which involves being upfront about any issues and areas needing improvement
  • Enthusiastically sharing knowledge, training clients’ internal teams, and encouraging self-sufficiency

Along with maintaining positive, close working relationships with our clients, our goal is for companies to easily ascertain the value they’re getting from us and be able to confirm they’re achieving their desired results from their CTRM system and integrated technology.

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Service Flexibility
and Quality

Many managed-service providers try to force their clients to conform to their processes and preferences. However, at capSpire, we adjust our support services to fit our clients—not the other way around.

We’re not looking to change the way any client does business so we can feel more comfortable. We understand why and how companies have tweaked their CTRM system to perform optimally for them. Instead, we seek to permanently resolve any problems that arise and identify enhancements when possible—always in alignment with specific needs and how individual CTRM systems are configured and used daily.

As CTRM and industry specialists, we’re well positioned to protect your company’s substantial investment. Not only do we know all major CTRM systems inside out, but we also know the full end-to-end infrastructure operating around these systems, including integrated market systems. In other words, we know how one action impacts another.

This enables us to minimize business disruptions and prevent negative repercussions when delivering support services. Clients can be assured that their system’s performance and integrity are safe in our hands—and that they won’t waste time or money chasing fixes that don’t pan out or that end up causing more harm.

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