6 Reasons Why Online Trading Platforms Are The Future

POSTED BY Mike Scharf ON January 4, 2018 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate

We live and work in an on-demand world in which we expect information to be available whenever and where we want. This is especially true for the fuel-buying industry in which market dynamics that affect commodity prices shift from moment to moment. No commodity-marketing company wants to delay getting critical information to its buyers. And …

How Midstream Companies Can Profit in Today’s Challenging NGL Market

POSTED BY Mike Scharf ON October 3, 2017 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Optimization

Over the last few years, the U.S. market for natural gas liquids (NGLs) has undergone significant changes that have introduced complexity and compressed margins for NGL midstream companies. Let’s discuss four of the most significant changes in the market and how NGL midstream companies can maintain healthy margins in this landscape. 1. More shale production …



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