Online Trade Execution is a Growing Trend in the Refined-Products Industry

POSTED BY capSpire ON December 14, 2018 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate

According to Microsoft’s 2018 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 88% percent of customers worldwide expect businesses to provide online customer self-service portals. This is especially true in the U.K. (92%) and U.S. (88%) where customer support has become an increasingly high priority. The Energy space is paying attention to this trend, and industry …

Improve Customer Service and Sell More Gasoline in a Competitive Market

POSTED BY capSpire ON August 8, 2018 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate

Today’s market for buying and selling refined products is highly competitive and margins are tight. Lots of wholesale marketers compete for sales to a limited number of fuel buyers. Faced with a glut of choices, buyers tend to purchase based solely on who offers the lowest price at any given time. Unfortunately, in this landscape, …

6 Reasons Why Online Trading Platforms Are The Future

POSTED BY Mike Scharf ON January 4, 2018 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate

We live and work in an on-demand world in which we expect information to be available whenever and where we want. This is especially true for the fuel-buying industry in which market dynamics that affect commodity prices shift from moment to moment. No commodity-marketing company wants to delay getting critical information to its buyers. And …

capSpire’s Gravitate Video

POSTED BY capSpire ON February 20, 2016 IN Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate, Video

Learn About capSpire’s Gravitate: Gravitate is a customer engagement platform revolutionizing the way first purchasers and crude haulers communicate and share information amongst producers, other third party haulers, and internal marketers and dispatchers. Its most powerful feature allows users to easily configure and extend the portal to meet essential business requirements. Provides marketers and dispatchers …

Commodity Portal Technology: A Look at How Commodity Trading is Evolving with Technology

POSTED BY capSpire ON September 30, 2013 IN Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM, Gravitate

The world is moving forward at a blinding pace.   Technologies are faster, granting us split-second access to data and instant connections.  For commodity trading companies, this means the days of faxing invoices and interacting with clients through daylong games of email tag are nearly gone.   In our real-time, on-demand world each second matters.   Commodity trading companies …



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