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Increase Fuel Buyers’ Loyalty to Your Brand vs. Getting Into Price Wars

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Today’s market for buying and selling refined products is highly competitive. Lots of wholesale marketers compete for sales to a limited number of buyers. Faced with a glut of choices, buyers tend to purchase based solely on who offers the lowest price at any given time.

In this landscape, your success as a seller is based on a race to the bottom of the price battle. After the sale, your customers feel little loyalty to your brand and no compelling reason to make a repeat purchase other than the chance that you’ll offer the lowest price at some point in the future. How does this impact your margins in the long term?

As a wholesale marketer, how can you abandon the never ending price battle and differentiate your company from your competition?

The answer is to provide an enhanced level of customer service by better leveraging world-class technology to deliver information and services to buyers when and where they need it. For example, buyers want you to make it easy for them to see prices. They want their truck drivers to be able to find out the length of terminal lines in advance. They want to know their remaining allocations or contract balances. They want to be able to view invoices and electronic fund transfers.

This is precisely what capSpire’s Gravitate solution does—and more. Gravitate is a web-based, seller-branded portal that provides all transaction-related information buyers want from a single location. Buyers can access this information on demand, wherever they are, and on whichever device they use. By giving buyers what they want and making the sales process easier and more convenient for them, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll keep coming back to you for future purchases. Learn more about Gravitate from this video:

No other comparable platform exists. Most existing platforms are typically created and built by buyers who would prefer not to spend the time and resources engaging in this activity. Gravitate is an out-of-the-box solution that you can set up and implement for your buyers immediately.

Furthermore, to access and benefit from Gravitate, buyers have to have bought product from your company. Sounds like a great incentive to work with you, right?

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Benefits of Gravitate

  • Out-of-the-box implementation for buyers
  • Automatic integration with internal CTRM systems
  • Cloud based or on premise
  • Accessibility via desktop, tablet, smartphone, and API
  • Option for mobile app (iOS and Android) with capability to send push notifications

Diverse functions:

  • Look at prices online
  • Purchase products online
  • Access transaction documents online
  • Disseminate and receive data electronically
  • Enable ongoing communication with buyers and their carriers using a built-in, customizable notification system

   Gravitate Crude Portal

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