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All about capSpire Operations Support, Part 2: Delivery by Scott Creed

When the sophistication of a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system is beyond an IT department’s expertise, companies typically hire an operations support partner.

But often, these consultancies push their clients into following their processes and adhering to their formula of support. They may approach problems that alleviate the short-term pain but fail to solve the problem for the client’s business for the long term.

This is often the result of three scenarios:

  • Not understanding, or not caring enough to learn about, specific business processes and how different companies use their CTRM systems
  • Not knowing the business or the technology at a deep enough level
  • Being fixated on one’s own processes and rigid in the problem-solving approach

It can be one of the more frustrating dilemmas of maintaining and enhancing a CTRM system that’s been adapted to suit unique business needs. Does a company fend for itself and hope for the best—while risking further business disruption and other adverse impacts? Or does company leadership become resigned to working with a support partner who just doesn’t really “get” it?

No company should have to make this lose-lose choice. Neither option maximizes investment in a CTRM system and optimizes business operations.

A customized system calls for truly customized operations support.

How does capSpire accomplish this?

Deep understanding of clients’ businesses plus expert-level technical knowledge

We offer something that few other consultancies can: Extensive knowledge of CTRM systems and specialization in the energy and commodities industry. 

We don’t make generalized, one-size-fits-all recommendations or suggest short-term workarounds. We’re here to permanently resolve issues associated with unique challenges.

When we make a recommendation, it’s because we know CTRM systems and their capabilities in great depth, we understand the industry, and we’ve taken the initiative to learn about each client’s business processes. We create solutions that we believe will deliver the best outcomes.

Flexibility in service delivery

We provide care for specific issues, in adherence with how companies have configured their systems and how their teams use their systems daily.

We’re not looking to change the way anyone does business or force anyone to conform to our preferences. We understand why companies have tweaked their CTRM systems to perform optimally for them. Our goal is to fix problems that arise and identify enhancements when possible—always in alignment with particular needs.

Examples of our elevated and customer-centric service delivery:

  • Expertise in all major CTRM systems (RightAngle, Allegro, Endur)
  • Ability to solve all CTRM system-related problems beyond core software support
  • Commitment to freely sharing information
  • Dedication to transparency, including regular reporting that can occur as frequently as a client prefers
  • Multiple channels for sending information to our helpdesk (phone hotline, email, service portal, or using a company’s ticketing system if desired)
  • Enthusiasm for knowledge transfer and enablement—we want clients’ teams to become more self-sufficient over the long term

The bottom line is that we adjust our support services to fit you—not the other way around. In the end, you’ll enjoy better outcomes.

Previously, my colleague Dave Webb wrote about why having a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) operations support partner is so beneficial. To expand on the conversation about why capSpire is different from other CTRM consultancies, read more about what else, in addition to our service delivery, sets us apart: our governance, user engagement, quality of support, and our dedication to continuous improvement.


If you have any questions about capSpire’s operations support, please contact me and my team at


Scott Creed is a managing director in capSpire’s energy and commodities consulting practice. He has more than 26 years of experience in all aspects of digital transformation, including business analysis, software development, training and enablement, analytics and optimization, and project and program management. Although his passion for technology runs deep, applying technology to solve customers’ most difficult problems brings him the most satisfaction.  

About capSpire

capSpire’s Operations Support team has the unique combination of system expertise and business and industry experience required to successfully troubleshoot, maintain, monitor, and enhance clients’ complex and often customized CTRM systems. To be trusted by and easily accessible to some of the world’s leading energy and commodities companies, our team is strategically located in in-demand regions around the globe. Learn about how we produce raving fans with our Better Way mentality by visiting



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