All about capSpire Operations Support, Part 2: Delivery by Scott Creed

POSTED BY capSpire ON June 4, 2020 IN Blog, Featured

When the sophistication of a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system is beyond an IT department’s expertise, companies typically hire an operations support partner. But often, these consultancies push their clients into following their processes and adhering to their formula of support. They may approach problems that alleviate the short-term pain but fail to …

Resilience Through Digital Transformation by William Decker

POSTED BY capSpire ON May 4, 2020 IN Analytics, Blog

To say that COVID-19 has changed the world is an understatement. Sometimes the systems that we rely upon and use everyday will experience such a shock that the underlying structures and interactions are changed forever. Right now we are making our way through a COVID-19 world, but we will move past COVID-19 and we cannot …

Jargon Busting: Energy Market Modelling by Joseph Collins

POSTED BY capSpire ON April 30, 2020 IN Blog

Energy Markets With the complexity of today’s Energy Markets, it’s clear to me that Genetic Algorithms, GA, are incredibly powerful yet simple tools. Their beauty is in their ease of understanding and the ability to implement. That made me think why can’t other techniques be so intuitive and easy to understand? Well, in the main, …



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