capSpire Celebrates 11 Years of Working Hard for Raving-Fan Clients

This year marks capSpire’s 11th anniversary. We’re extremely proud of the growth our team has achieved — from a small start-up to a global powerhouse, from a team of just a few people to now more than 100 strong, and from a handful of projects to a decade of serving well over 150 clients.

However, to fully appreciate where we are now and how we got here, let’s return to where we began—in 2009.
What drove capSpire from the start?

The recognition that implementing a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system is lengthy, stressful, and expensive. We empathized with our clients’ struggles and wanted to help alleviate these burdens for energy and commodities-focused companies.

The implementation of a CTRM system is a complex undertaking:

  • It’s part vision-crafting by seeing how a company can best leverage the features of a system to drive value to their business.
  • It’s part problem-solving by figuring out how to apply a client’s unique business logic to off-the-shelf software where one-size-fits-all often means one-size-fits-none.
  • It’s part psychology to be agents of change and user adoption.

Having endured their share of stressful, lengthy CTRM implementations at prior points in their careers, capSpire’s founders created the company to realize a better way of deploying large-scale systems for clients.

The primary goal was to de-stress the process—and that goal continues to shape who we are today. We’re well known and highly regarded for our unique strategies centered around making CTRM implementations much more efficient and hassle-free:

  • We only hire great people who want to enable, teach, and help—not hoard information. We do this because we want clients to be self-sufficient, not dependent on us.
  • We staff projects with specialists, not generalists. Regardless of which vendor system you select, we staff our teams with people who are experienced within and knowledgeable of that particular system.  We want our team to always speak from a position of expertise, not generalization.
  • We train our people upfront—on our own dime—using our own proven methods. Our custom training is built out of our years of implementation experience to give each employee a strong foundation of the industry and systems to better understand how to cater this knowledge to each unique business scenario.    
  • We use repeatable processes that have been shown to work—we don’t believe in asking clients to pay us to reinvent the wheel.
  • We build relationships with our clients out of trust. We believe in easy, low-drama client relationships where we work together to create quality solutions that bring value for their continued growth.

And what have we earned as a result of these principles?

What has enabled us to grow to the point where we are in 2020? 

It’s simple:

We create raving-fan clients. 

For us, it’s all about client success driving growth. Our clients continually ask us for advice and assistance on the basis of our high-quality output, excellent service, and extensive knowledge of CTRM systems. As a result, we judge our business success not on metrics like revenue-per-client, but on repeat business per client.  We believe no one matches our expertise in the CTRM space, and our clients agree, by often recommending us to their peers.  

Here’s more from our co-founder Jeff Hardcastle:

Eleven years of creating raving fan client experiences has enabled the expansion of our growth to more CTRM systems in the market: RightAngle, Allegro, and OpenLink Endur.

In total, we’ve overseen hundreds of go-lives.

This translates to a vast understanding of how each phase of a project impacts the overall business value.

As our clients have asked us to solve more and more challenges, we’ve pushed ourselves to grow to deliver solutions beyond CTRM consulting services. That’s why we’ve identified other ways to bring value to clients’ businesses through our technologies.

Now, capSpire is a digital transformation company that not only implements and customizes existing systems, but can also leverage our digital technologies across clients’ businesses to better manage data, acquire deeper insight into operations, gain efficiencies, streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and maximize margins.

Our more expanded services and technologies include:

We operate in diverse markets, including upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas (from carriers to marketers, refiners, and wholesalers), power, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and natural gas.

Our global presence extends to eight offices across three continents:

Despite our rapid growth in just over a decade, we’ve stayed true to who we are and grow in a way that aligns with our values.

In 2020 and beyond, we’re still at our core solving tough business problems for energy and commodity clients. Our focus is on building the raving-fan experience for our current and future clients by growing the size of our talented team, advancing our product offerings, and working in more markets and locations around the world.

We look forward to further building on this success over the next 11 years.

How can we help your business? Interested in working with us? Please contact us at




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