The easy-to-use optimization platform that maximizes margins for energy companies.

capSpire's optimization platform aggregates data from multiple systems to help companies optimize inventory levels and plan for multiple supply/demand scenarios. The solution can help companies handle widespread variability in the supply chain and achieve increased margins by improving strategic and tactical decision making.

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Supply and Trade Optimization

capSpire’s Optimization Platform helps traders make better decisions, which means increased profitability. Our platform will help you make those better decisions faster and with higher levels of confidence by providing you with the information you need to:

  • Make informed buy and sell decisions
  • Understand and identify location spreads
  • Maximize the value of your blends
  • Easily identify the most profitable supply and demand options
  • Identify time spreads and contango opportunities


Transport and Schedule Optimization

The platform optimizes your scheduling and logistics across all available transportation methods. It produces daily, weekly, and monthly play-by-play operational schedules that satisfy contractual constraints and maximize profitability.

  • Evaluate all transport methods including pipeline, rail, truck, barge, and vessel
  • Create suggested schedules that optimize logistics decisions across transport methods
  • Understand the impacts of shipping delays or cuts to nomination volumes
  • Optimize your fleet sizing by giving you visibility into railcar, truck, and vessel requirements based upon your supply and demand scenarios

capSpire's Optimization Platform

Learn how capSpire's Optimization Platform maximizes margins for energy companies by helping traders make better decisions faster and with more confidence.


Inventory Optimization


You invest strategically in your storage assets. Whether you want to better capitalize on those assets or analyze the impact of adding new assets, the platform can help you work through your options and show you the P&L impact so that you can make the most profitable decisions.

  • Intelligently manage inventory based on supply and demand
  • Identify optimal safety stock levels
  • Easily understand inventory rundown reports with quality averages and constraints
  • Evaluate new storage locations options
  • Optimize blending scenarios and understand running inventory quality levels throughout your planning horizon


Simulation and What-if Analysis


capSpire’s Optimization Platform allows you to run scenarios through the simulation and optimization engine. The result is real-world, profit-optimized, play-by-play plans for your strategic, annual, and daily operational decisions.

  • Simulate changes in market conditions (supply, demand, and prices)
  • Quickly react to impacts of new assets or contract changes
  • Deliver what-if analysis for new contracts, storage facilities and transport options
  • Interpret the economic impact of various scenarios using easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Run best, likely, and worst-case scenarios to create risk-mitigation plans that help you prepare for change

capSpire Optimization Platform

The easy-to-use optimization platform that maximizes margins for energy companies.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Integration Tools


The platform easily integrates with leading E/CTRM systems, transportation solutions, and inventory management platforms to consolidate data quickly.

  • Integrate existing data from other source systems to avoid keying in data again for the purposes of optimization
  • Augment data in an easy-to-use Excel interface that is integrated with our core model and tag data so that it can be seamlessly integrated with other sources
  • Quickly identify and correct gaps in your data using extensive validation routines
  • Easily handles growing data volumes and integration points

Lease Crude Optimization

Lease Crude Optimization for Crude Gathering

The leading solution for helping lease crude transportation and marketing organizations optimize profitability. From the increased production of crude oil to the lowest crude prices in years, these market dynamics present challenges and opportunities for crude marketers. With capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization product, crude marketers and transportation organizations are able to achieve increased margins by optimizing strategic and tactical decisions.

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Optimization for NGLs

Supply Chain Optimization for NGLs

The Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) for NGLs module is a targeted solution to natural-gas-liquids (NGLs) midstream organizations that helps to streamline annual planning and optimize day-on-day operational scheduling throughout the trading season. NGLs trading and marketing companies have unique challenges around storage and annual planning. The SCO for NGLs module is tailored to the operating practices of these organizations and is intended to help them keep track of their demand on an ongoing basis and react as best as possible based on the fast-moving market changes in the busy season. Optimization for NGLs midstream organizations hinges on fast reaction and systemic consideration of all possible supply chain options. SCO helps to deliver that value.

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Optimization Crude

Supply Chain Optimization for Crude

The Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) for Crude module is a targeted solution for refiners and crude-oil-trading organizations that helps to streamline supply-chain operations and optimize profitability. Refiners and crude-oil-trading companies have unique supply-chain challenges and, with all the optionality available in these types of networks, a system is needed to help manage the complexity and provide visibility into inventory positions and delivery schedules. The SCO for Crude module addresses these specific challenges and ensures optimal ongoing operations.

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