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Case Study – Customer-Data Management for Top Direct-Selling Energy Company

Centralized Data Mart Decreases Data-Quality Issue Resolution Time by 85%

The client is one of the largest direct sellers of energy, as well as wireless and home security services, to consumers in the global energy market. Under its business model, existing customers act as salespeople to encourage new customers to sign up and are paid a commission for each new recruit. Because of its decentralized approach to data collection and management, the client struggled to manage customer data efficiently, which resulted in errors. Inaccurate customer data negatively impacted commission payouts, leading to high call volumes for customer support while issues were corrected, which often took several days.

capSpire helped to resolve this dilemma within a few months by designing a business intelligence (BI) solution that reconciled different customer-information systems into a local data mart. The solution included custom alerts and reporting that enabled the client to swiftly address customer data-quality issues using an in-house team, which led to a much more timely resolution of issues and a reduction in customer service calls.