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Case Study – Major Refined-Products Implementation of Allegro

Allegro Streamlines Client’s Trading Processes and Enhances Market Analytics Amid Rapid Growth

A refined-products company’s supply and distribution arm is responsible for purchasing wholesale fuel and transporting the product to the company’s gas stations and other third parties throughout the U.S. by rail, pipeline, truck, barge, and vessel. Despite the rapid growth of the company, personnel within the trading organization used cumbersome legacy systems for managing transactions—a situation that was not sustainable as the company continued to expand its market presence.

capSpire partnered with Allegro to deploy commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software as a single cohesive solution that could be deployed across the trading organization to streamline and improve business processes, enhance market analytics, and reduce exposure to market risks. Furthermore, capSpire’s enhancements to Allegro will accommodate future organizational growth and enable the client to take advantage of new business opportunities.