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Case Study – Major Software Upgrade for Fuel Buyer and Marketer

Client Achieves Significant Cost Savings and Efficiencies By Eliminating 50% of Custom Code

The client, a fuel buying and marketing wing of a major truck-stop chain in the U.S., needed to upgrade from an unsupported version of RightAngle. What made this project particularly challenging for the client was the move to a five-versions-newer software, the large size of its database, and the high amount of custom code. Although the client was excited to take advantage of the new features of the software, there were concerns about disruptions to the business.

capSpire implemented a hybrid upgrade in which custom code was redesigned where there was an opportunity to simplify and other code was migrated with minimal changes. In doing so, capSpire avoided losing any critical customizations and replaced other, unnecessary customizations with out-of-the-box solutions for greater simplicity. As a result of the project, the client streamlined business processes, improved software functionality and stability, and reduced long-term support costs of RightAngle.