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Crude Supply Optimization On-Demand Webinar

Crude Supply Optimization

View our webinar recording to learn about Genscape’s unparalleled insight and transparency into the global oil supply chain. Using a combination of infrared diagnostics, electromagnetic frequency monitors, high resolution aerial photography, and near-earth satellite imagery, Genscape has set the standard for accuracy in advance notice of important changes in oil market fundamentals. View a demonstration of capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization tool focused on helping crude marketers and 1st purchasers to improve the profitability of their lease crude supply.

Discussion Topics:

  • Gain a critical understanding of factors driving the highly volatile U.S. oil market with precise crude oil supply chain data.
  • Game-changing tools for crude buyers that evaluate break-even economics for all leases in a specific region.
  • Learn about how capSpire’s optimization solution can help you maximize blending opportunities.
  • See how analytics provide crude buyers with the intelligence needed to improve monthly nominations and truck dispatch planning.

Our Speakers:

Brian Busch is the Director of Oil Markets and Business Development for Genscape, Inc., a global provider of fundamental energy data and analytics. Brian is responsible for identifying physical fundamental data needed to help provide transparency and efficiency to the Crude Oil and Refined Products markets. He is also responsible for communicating with Genscape’s clients the relevant impact of fundamental data on the markets. Brian has over 25 years’ experience in the oil industry.Prior to joining Genscape, Brian served as Vice President for Business Development for Amphora, Inc. and as Director of Oil Products for SolArc, Inc. He has over 15 years’ experience on the trading floor in roles ranging from a risk manager to senior trader. Brian has a Bachelor Business Administration from the Eastern Kentucky University, and a Master of Business Administration from Marshall University.

The co-founder of capSpire, Mike Scharf is a serial entrepreneur with a nose for problems and inefficiencies that demand to be solved. Throughout his 16-year career in the CTRM consulting niche, he is continually at the forefront of elegant and creative solutions to problems that are too complex for others to solve. Mike is known for a relentless work-ethic, never willing to “turn off” until the problem is resolved, and his ability to advise “C-level” leaders on strategic initiatives. Mike remains engaged with clients on a daily basis and is always looking for like-minded companies to leverage capSpire’s product and consulting groups to those who need hard problems solved. Mike is a 1997 Graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

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