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Case Study – Global Midstream Company Specializing in Moving Crude Oil Automates Nominations

ATM Module Streamlines Nominations-Related Business Processes and Improves Efficiency

The client, a transporter of crude oil with assets located throughout the U.S., struggled with inefficient business processes and breakdowns in communication-related to gathering, revising, distributing, and tracking nomination volumes. capSpire deployed the RightAngle Asset Transaction Management (ATM) module to alleviate these issues. The ATM module centralized nomination data, resolved communication breakdowns, automated business processes, and facilitated smoother, more efficient operations.

This case study marked the first-ever application of the RightAngle ATM module in the crude-oil industry. In fact, this major midstream company is only the third adopter of this new technology. The success of this implementation bodes well for the potential of the ATM module to improve business processes for other companies within and beyond the crude-oil industry.