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Case Study – Modernization of Midstream Company’s Operations

Multi-Year Program Consolidates Data, Redefines Processes, and Implements RightAngle to Significantly Improve Daily Operations and Enable Opportunities for Profit

One of the largest distributors of petroleum products in the Northeastern U.S. needed to overcome two main issues: its inability to share departmental data in real time across its organization and inconsistent processes used by different functions of the business. Because of this, the midstream logistics and marketing company risked data lacking in integrity, information falling through the cracks, and efficiency declining.

To reverse this trend, the client sought a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system that would consolidate all of its fragmented data-management systems, enable a better flow of data in real time across the organization, and integrate streamlined business processes. Through a large, multi-year program, capSpire worked with the client to redefine business processes, implement RightAngle, and successfully transition all stakeholders to the organization’s new way of conducting business. The result was revolutionized business practices centered on transparency, accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.