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capSpire Joins Allegro on How to Prepare for the 5-Minute Settlement Webinar

5-minute settlement

On Wednesday, May 29, at 6:30 p.m. CDT / May 30, 9:30 a.m. GMT +11, Allegro will host a webinar titled How to Prepare for the 5-Minute Settlement. In this 90-minute session, utilities traders will learn how to navigate the volatile new Australian electricity market. The current market settles on a half-hourly basis, but it will soon operate at a 5-minute basis—resulting in a six-fold increase in data.

Allegro will discuss how advanced analytics can maximize profit in such an environment, and will divulge the latest means of driving operational efficiencies. Other discussion topics include data warehousing, digital transformation, and portfolio modeling.

capSpire will join a select group of Allegro partners serving as guest speakers during the webinar. Representing capSpire will be Rachel O’Dwyer. In addition to her vast European market experience, Rachel has several years working in the Australian energy industry and has prepared numerous clients for changes in electricity markets. Her portion of the discussion will focus on several critical points:

  • How business processes will be impacted by 5-minute settlements
  • Best practices for data warehousing and performing analytics given the deluge of data
  • How companies can leverage experiences from other markets when preparing and deploying technological solutions

    capSpire is pleased to be included among the knowledgeable guest speakers for this webinar. As a long-time partner of Allegro, a trusted provider of technology solutions for the Australian energy industry, and an experienced advisor in helping clients navigate similar regulatory change programs in other markets, we look forward to helping impart important and meaningful information to our clients in Australia as they prepare for this major market change,” says Dave Webb, capSpire Managing Director.

    capSpire’s participation in this webinar follows the recent opening of our new office in Australia, and provides an opportunity to further establish our presence on the continent.

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    capSpire’s Speaker:

    Rachel O’Dwyer – Rachel is a senior consultant at capSpire with 10 years of experience in the energy industry in both Australia and Ireland. Her expertise crosses a vast array of disciplines within energy trading organizations including front-office trading, portfolio management, and project implementation. Prior to joining capSpire, Rachel worked with many clients in the Irish energy industry assisting front-, middle-, and back-office teams in preparing for a new electricity market structure.

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