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capSpire Joins Together for Our 8th Annual Retreat

What do you get when you invite 100 fun people together and rent out a baseball stadium to compete for title of capSpire World Series Champions? The 8th Annual capSpire Retreat, of course.

With our capSpire team spread out all over the world, we are intentional in taking time each year to come together, collaborate, learn, and have a blast as a group. In May, the entire team from both the U.S. and Europe descended on the PostOak Lodge in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for our highly anticipated capSpire Retreat. 

Over the years, capSpire has visibly grown and diversified with now close to 100 people in six office locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Though our numbers have grown rapidly, we have stayed true to our commitment of hiring only the brightest individuals—people who are smart, creative problem solvers, easy to work with, and willing to learn from others. After all, we want to complete projects successfully and also enjoy who we work—and play human foosball—with.

The capSpire Retreat featured an action-packed agenda focused on growth, innovation, and fun:

  • Hanging out in person instead of through emails and messenger
  • Setting laptops aside for a couple days to grab dinner from food trucks, play human foosball, and toast s’mores
  • Renting out an entire baseball stadium for the epic capSpire World Series
  • Discovering more about the future mission and vision of capSpire
  • Learning how to create high-performing and efficient teams, and how to best work together within both internal and client teams
  • Connecting the dots between all capSpire products and how each works together to create full solutions
  • Engaging in a thoughtful Q&A with a panel of senior executives from the energy industry to gain further understanding of “what keeps C-level leaders up at night” and where they see opportunities for innovation

Our annual retreat is a great reminder that capSpire has a truly special team dynamic that is unique for any industry—and it’s a major reason why capSpire has been so successful. After a couple days off-line together, our team returned to our projects renewed in our commitment to “find a better way” for our clients.

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