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capSpire Brings Our Expertise to E-world energy & water 2023

capSpire is excited to participate next month at E-world energy & water 2023, the leading trade fair for the European energy industry. Each year, more than 700 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors from some of the largest global players in the energy industry converge in Essen, Germany, to share technology innovations and the latest product developments, engage in conversations with peers, network, meet with clients, and stay connected with what’s going on in the marketplace.

At capSpire, we’re eager to use this opportunity to highlight our story, including the significant impact we have on businesses and their ability to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape, owed to our main service offerings:

Consulting and Advisory

Many clients are experiencing challenges in their business, but perhaps they’re unsure what’s causing them or how to resolve them.

The capSpire team helps clients understand the root causes of their current challenges and how these challenges can be remediated, whether it’s improving existing business processes, addressing people issues, or implementing new technologies. With a clear understanding of how industry peers in similar businesses are solving the same types of challenges, we present clients with their range of potential options in alignment with budgets, timelines, and capabilities.

Then we help them navigate and narrow down all those options, which can otherwise be an overwhelming and complicated endeavor for companies with competing priorities. When technology is the solution, we conduct a market scan to assess all potential vendors. Next, we guide clients through system selection or optimization, including configuration of system architecture to maximize performance and cybersecurity.

Throughout any project, we also analyze team structure, personnel responsibilities, and business processes, as well as assure quality.

No matter where clients are in the process of making changes, we can manage projects from start to finish, or review how projects have been run so far to identify and enact improvements.

At project conclusion, our advice and recommendations give companies deeper insight into their operations and place them on a solid path toward a better place.

Technology Delivery

capSpire is well known in the energy trading and risk management (ETRM) space, but that’s only one piece in the mosaic of our technology implementation capabilities.

We don’t just offer a depth of ETRM knowledge, but a breadth of experience and expertise across all technologies in the energy space—a consulting and systems integration niche that isn’t easy to replicate. We have formal and informal partnerships in place for nearly every vendor in this ecosystem, from the large and well known to the smaller or less mainstream. And our teams comprise senior, experienced professionals in every instance.

Rather than trying to shoehorn a business into an out-of-the-box system, we believe in leveraging existing ETRM systems for what they’re good at and, if there’s no natural fit, identifying a more appropriate solution. In an extremely crowded and complex applications landscape, we can help clients with nearly any technology solution or optimization to improve business operations and satisfy client needs. We have a wide variety of tools in our kit, from forecasting systems to market data plug-ins, shipping systems, big data management platforms, integration with back office and enterprise risk management (ERP) systems, and business intelligence and analytics functions.

Ongoing Operations Support

Often, a company’s need for assistance doesn’t end with an implementation or optimization. Companies may lack internal resources or expertise to manage a solution successfully. In these cases, we help with ongoing support. The capSpire team can regularly improve and enhance the solutions we deliver as business needs change and the technology landscape evolves so clients continue to maximize their return on investment.

Are you attending E-world this month? Meet the capSpire team and discover how our next-level solutions can propel your business forward. To ask questions or get more information on how to schedule time with capSpire consultants at this event, contact Dave Webb at



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