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capSpire Celebrates Its Ninth Anniversary

Boosted by the excitement of winning a prestigious “Arkansas Business of the Year” Award just last week, the capSpire team now turns its attention to celebrating its ninth year of operations—and reflecting how far the company has come from its early days in 2009.

Once a small consultancy in Fayetteville, Arkansas, capSpire today is a global consulting and solutions company with six offices spanning two continents; boasting a team of approximately 100 people, a 20% increase in personnel from the prior year; and working with more than 60 clients in 13 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. In 2017, revenue increased 27% from the previous year.

“For capSpire, being recently recognized as a top business in Arkansas—the place where it all began—nine years after our founding is extra special,” says Jeff Hardcastle, capSpire Co-Founder. “Our team has experienced such rapid success in a relatively short time because of our unique focus on people. We hire the best talent, and give them the autonomy and empowerment they need to thrive and innovate the solutions that bring the most value to our clients. As a result, our ever-growing roster of clients is very happy.”

This is reflected in the award-winning streak capSpire enjoyed throughout 2017. For the fifth consecutive year, capSpire won both the When Work Works Award—the first time the company was recognized in three states—and was selected for the Inc. 5000 List.   Achieving both honors five years in a row puts capSpire in elite company.

Over the last year, capSpire introduced exciting new product offerings. The expansion of the capSpire Optimization Platform to include Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) modules for energy companies working with crude and natural gas liquids (NGLs)—SCO for Crude and SCO for NGLs—gives customers a more efficient, streamlined means of managing supply-chain complexities. Additionally, the web-based Gravitate portal is revolutionizing how commodity-focused organizations engage their customers by enabling them to monitor prices, buy products, and access transaction documents 24/7, from any location, and on any device.

Lastly, capSpire opened a sixth office in Houston, Texas, a strategic move that solidifies its presence in one of the world’s most important hubs of the energy industry.

Everything we accomplished this year is because of our clients’ support,” says Mike Scharf, capSpire Co-Founder. “We are very grateful to each client that places its trust in our team, and we look forward to continuing each relationship in 2018.”

In the coming year, key focuses for capSpire will be advisory services and data analytics. By helping clients enhance their current processes and better leverage data they already have, capSpire can help clients gain a more comprehensive view of their organizations and identify opportunities for maximizing profits. As a result, 2018 promises to be a successful year for both capSpire and its clients.

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