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capSpire Hosts Roundtables for Clients Focused on Commodities Technology and Digital Strategy

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At capSpire, we’re continually striving to bring more value to our clients. That’s why we’ve started hosting intimate capSpire roundtable meetings for our clients in the commodities industry who have a shared interest in current and future digital technologies. These events will occur periodically throughout the year and in varying locations. The first meeting took place last month at capSpire’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, office. The typical agenda will include lunch followed by a featured discussion and social time in the afternoon.
“We think that hosting roundtables is such a great idea because it gives our clients the opportunity to meet their local peers in a casual setting. Attendees can talk among themselves and connect with those who use the same commodity technology and work in similar markets. Clients can discuss challenges, compare digital strategies, and share experiences and ideas for how to best leverage their technology to get the most return from their investment. This is the real value of the event,” says Scott Creed, capSpire Managing Director.
“With our decades of experience and vast knowledge gained implementing a variety of technologies for all types of commodities clients across the globe, capSpire is a thought leader in the commodities industry. These roundtables are a natural expansion of our place at the center of discussions about the future of commodities technologies. We are excited about creating a forward-looking community that is eager to solve challenges and take advantage of new means of achieving success,” says Lance Laubach, capSpire CEO.”
Interested? Lookout for announcements of future events! In the meantime, you can read about our commodities technologies services that include commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) systems and our products such as our web-based customer-engagement portal. To request an upcoming roundtable in your city or to be able to connect with your industry peers, you can also email

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