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capSpire Supports Youth Cricket Club in Sugar Land, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas (February 1, 2017) capSpire is proud to announce its Grand Gold Sponsorship in support of Sugar Land Youth Cricket Club (SLYCC). As we expand our footprint in Houston, we welcome opportunities to serve the local community, especially those fostering the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. On Sunday, January 30, the organization capped off a terrific season with an award ceremony. SLYCC also presented Jaydeep Shah, capSpire Managing Director, a plaque as a token of its appreciation for capSpire’s support of the organization.

“SLYCC is a growing organization driven by energetic, devoted coaches and families,” says Shah. “This past season, I have seen parents spend countless hours preparing pitch, driving kids to games all over town, and stepping up as assistant coaches during practice. capSpire is proud to have contributed to its growth.”

SLYCC was founded to promote cricket in southwest Houston and surrounding communities. In just over a year, the organization has built up quite a following and continues to grow in size. The nonprofit organization believes in showcasing cricket as a fun and exciting sport to play for kids of all ages. Some fun facts about cricket include:

  • Cricket has a known history dating back to southeast England in the late 16th century.
  • It is the world’s second most popular spectator sport after association football.
  • The cricket field is usually circular or oval in shape, with a rectangular pitch at the center.
  • It is similar to baseball in that two batsmen and 11 fielders enter the field of play.
  • “The Guinness Book of Records” confirms that the longest cricket-playing marathon was 150 hours and 14 minutes, and was achieved by Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club.


At SLYCC, the motto is “either we win or we learn… but together we have fun!” Whenever a company such as capSpire can give back to the community, everybody wins. While some folks grew up playing this game, others are just starting out or have never heard of cricket. capSpire encourages everyone to get out and give this timeless sport a try.

Sugar Land Youth Cricket Club

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