5 Questions CTRM Analytics Answer: Part 3

POSTED BY Scott Creed ON April 23, 2018 IN Analytics, Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM

In our last few articles, we’ve discussed question 1 and question 2 that commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) analytics answer. Question 3: How is my portfolio exposed to shifting market prices? Of course, companies using CTRM platforms want to make sure that their trades are profitable. But how do you see where changes in …

Second Question Answered By CTRM Analytics: When and Where Do I Need to Move Product?

POSTED BY Scott Creed ON April 10, 2018 IN Analytics, Blog, E/CTRM

In our last article, we discussed question 1 what commodity-trading-and-risk-management (CTRM) analytics answer. Question 2: When and where do I need to move product? CTRM systems essentially manage trading contracts and the associated data. You agree to buy or sell a product at a particular price, from a specified location, and in a certain timeframe. …

First Question Answered By CTRM Analytics: Where Am I Making Money?

POSTED BY Scott Creed ON November 15, 2017 IN Analytics, Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM

Commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) systems are data rich but information poor. They do a great job of capturing detail and ensuring transactional fidelity—meaning that you have clean, accurate data that can be used across the lifecycle of each transaction, including accounting, settlements, invoicing, and payables. However, it can be difficult to obtain meaningful …

Ireland and the European Electricity Market: Changes on the Horizon

POSTED BY Joseph Collins ON May 8, 2017 IN Analytics, Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM

So what’s happening in Ireland’s electricity market? Well, in May 2018 the current electricity market, the Single Electricity Market (SEM), will cease to exist and it will be replaced by the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM). Two immediate questions spring to mind. Firstly, why the change? Secondly, what are the main features of this new …

Crude Companies Embracing Innovative Data-Driven Analysis Can Win Big

POSTED BY capSpire ON June 9, 2015 IN Analytics, Blog, Digital Transformation, E/CTRM

Tulsa, OK — Jun 09, 2015 — Due to the explosion of U.S. oil production over the last several years and recent price volatility; crude marketing is increasingly more competitive. Fluctuating prices add additional pressure to margins, creating the need for crude marketers to make more informed decisions. The shift presents both challenges and opportunities …

capSpire Launches Data Analytics Service Offering

POSTED BY capSpire ON March 5, 2015 IN Analytics, Blog, Digital Transformation, News, Press Release

capSpire, a strategic advisory, system integration, and technology solutions firm, is pleased to launch capSpire Data Analytics. Daily news headlines boast of plummeting oil prices and an explosion in U.S. oil production resulting in lower gas prices and happy drivers. But, the tightening energy environment also means lower prices, smaller margins, and more competition for …



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