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Happy Holidays from capSpire

happy holidays

To kick off the Holiday Season, capSpire displayed kindness and goodwill by giving back to those in need. This year, the Houston team started a new tradition donating their time by volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. In that spirit of giving back this holiday, capSpire also made a donation on behalf of each client to “Toys for Tots”.

This tradition of donating is both endearing and humbling. For capSpire, donating is simply an extension of its corporate culture. While its team of outstanding industry experts and consultants are committed to providing value to customers year-round, capSpire continues to embody a philosophy of charitable giving.

“capSpire’s generous corporate culture is highlighted by its ability to give back to charities during the holiday season. As our organization grows each year, we are overjoyed by the opportunity to support such an important cause through our clients,” says capSpire CEO, Lance Laubach.

Named Food Bank of The Year for 2015, The Houston Food Bank distributed 79 million meals during its 2015-2016 fiscal year. Through generous donations and support of volunteers, every dollar donated to the Houston Food Bank provides the equivalent of three meals for an individual. The Houston Team was thrilled to support such a selfless cause.

“Toys for Tots” is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy holiday gifts. A few interesting facts about “Toys for Tots” are:

  • They accept money and toy donations from mid to late December for Christmas 2016.
  • Money is immediately directed to local areas as designated to be put immediately to good work!
  • 97% of funds raised go right back into the mission of the program, less than 3% used for fundraising and overhead.

capSpire wants to wish each of its clients a happy holiday season and say thanks for the opportunity to work with them. During this busy time of the year, we encourage everyone to stop and give thanks, and reflect on how any donation, big or small, can can make a difference for families in need.

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