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How RightAngle’s Automatcher Engine Helped Musket Corporation Reduce Ticket-Processing Time By 87%

Inventory manangement

How long does it take your company to process tickets, from product movement to accounts receivable?

Since RightAngle s10, there have been many enhancements to the Automatcher engine. If your company is like most, you’re not fully taking advantage of this tool and are still inputting and matching tickets manually. This prolongs ticket-processing times to several business days, exposes your company to the risk of human error, and wastes resources on tedious, time-consuming tasks versus allocating resources to more profitable activities.

Musket Corporation decided to leverage the Automatcher engine—and that’s how it reduced ticket-processing times from about eight days to just one day.

Musket also realized many other important benefits:

  • 100% automation of truck liftings
  • 90% automation of rail activity
  • Only 16 employees handle the processes for account payables and inventory reconciliation (the accounting/back-office functions would be much larger without automation)
  • Custom rapid-blend module takes advantage of capabilities enabled by the Automatcher engine to allow an efficient process of splash blending
  • Consolidation and simplification of rule structure (reduction from more than 500,000 lifting match and rule combinations to fewer than 100,000 matching rules)
  • Interfaces from a range of third-party systems—such as DTN, Borque, TABS, TelaPoint, and TopHAT—Into RightAngle enhance automated ticketing

To learn more about Musket’s success story and how the Automatcher engine can help you achieve equally impressive results at your company, view capSpire’s on-demand webinar, Unlocking the Power of RightAngle’s Automatcher Engine.

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