The Value of a Managed-Services Partner Post-Launch of CTRM Platforms

Managed Services

When implementing or upgrading to a new commodity-trading-and-risk-management (CTRM) platform, many companies understand the value in partnering with a technical consultancy that has the in-depth skill set, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right. But it can be easy to overlook the value of maintaining this partnership once the platform is live.

Launching the platform is just the beginning—undoubtedly, with any system, issues will arise on an ongoing basis and they need to be resolved in a timely manner. This is especially critical for companies without the internal expertise in a specific CTRM platform or companies with a small or relatively new IT department.

Operating much like a help desk on constant standby, a managed-services partner such as capSpire supports the entire CTRM system, ensuring the day-to-day functions of trading, logistics, risk management, and accounting are maintained. This partnership offers a comprehensive, low-risk, and cost-effective means for clients to access the expertise required for successful long-term maintenance and day-to-day support. As a result, clients can extract more value from their CTRM systems over the lifespan of the platform.

As a managed-services partner, capSpire provides many benefits:

  • On-Demand Production Support. Our team provides both on-site and remote support. An on-site consultant provides immediate, daily support for issues ranging from minor to critical, and can liaise with the CTRM system vendor on a client’s behalf. Additionally, our team is readily available on the other side of the phone or email. Unlike in-house IT personnel who leave the office at the end of each work day, capSpire consultants can provide support beyond traditional office hours.

  • Steady-State Development (Break Fix and Minor Enhancements). capSpire adapts CTRM systems to more closely align with the business processes and needs of our clients. We identify and implement enhancements that are valuable to clients and develop custom extensions to address the evolving demands of businesses.

  • Hardware and Architecture Maintenance, Including Cloud-Hosted CTRM Platforms. capSpire optimizes application and database servers, as well as the configuration of CTRM systems. We also configure new environments and manage expansions from one to multiple servers to increase system performance.

  • System Monitoring. We can monitor scheduled tasks such as nightly valuation and month-end close to check for fragmented results and can then notify clients proactively. This gives our clients significant peace of mind that their system is working as expected.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on your core business and let a team of the industry’s leading CTRM experts assume the task of maintaining your IT applications? For more information about capSpire’s managed services, please contact us at

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