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Why You Should Upgrade to RightAngle s17

Previously, we discussed the dilemma that many users of older versions of energy/commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) systems encounter: Should you upgrade your existing E/CTRM system or switch to an entirely new system?

If your company uses RightAngle and has decided to upgrade, you should know that version s17 is about to be released—and there are many compelling reasons to make the transition:

  • Get a completely .NET application. Previous versions of RightAngle incorporated at least some elements of PowerBuilder, an older technology platform that required maintaining both legacy technology and IT personnel to keep the system working optimally. Removing this older technology in favor of a newer, single, cohesive application streamlines maintenance and IT support, and improves the user experience.
  • Leverage Microsoft’s newest technologies. Version s17 uses SQL Server 2017 and .NET framework 4.7, so you’ll enjoy Microsoft supportability.
  • Take advantage of significant performance enhancements in the software. For example, there has been an improvement in snapshot run time, the performance of the automatcher engine, and real-time curve valuation.
  • Remain competitive in the marketplace. You want to make sure you’re staying up to date on technology and not missing out on features that your competitors are using—features that could make your processes more efficient, among other advantages.
  • Take advantage of substantial improvements in the quality of the software, which have made version s17 more stable than previous versions. This is because the vendor has improved quality-control processes, implemented automated testing, and deployed an agile approach to software development. All of these actions have resulted in shorter, smoother, less costly upgrades.
  • Enjoy better vendor supportability. With a constantly changing business and regulatory environment, it’s important for customers and E/CTRM vendors to work closely together to resolve any issues with the software. Not only is it a general fact that E/CTRM vendors deliver the most robust support to their latest software versions, but the official stance of this vendor is that it will only provide support to users of s16 and s17 going forward. Plus, by partnering with vendors on product road mapping, customers can influence which features get included in future versions of the software.
  • Exercise your right to upgrade without paying a licensing fee. You have this right because you’re already paying annual support and maintenance fees to the vendor. And, in this case, upgrading enables you to take advantage of the new .NET platform in version s17.

Why is capSpire the right partner to help you upgrade to RightAngle s17?

capSpire is widely considered to be the go-to implementation expert for RightAngle. Our team of seasoned professionals includes more than 30 consultants dedicated specifically to RightAngle projects. These consultants have a combined excess of 500 years of experience working with this E/CTRM software, and have implemented it for clients around the world in diverse industries. In fact, capSpire has participated in more s16 upgrades than any other system integrator (SI) in this space, with the exception of the vendor. And capSpire is already familiar with version s17 because we’re part of an elite group that has had access to the beta version of the software during the testing process. In addition to our knowledge of and experience with RightAngle, we also deploy proprietary technologies such as our accelerators to shorten the timeline for upgrades.

You can learn more about our capabilities and expertise in RightAngle here.

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