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capSpire Implements Lease Crude Optimization Solution for Pacer Energy Marketing

capSpire Implements Lease Crude Optimization Solution for Pacer Energy Marketing

Tulsa, OKLAHOMA; March 2015:

capSpire, an advisory and technology solutions firm focused on the energy industry, announces the launch of its Lease Crude Optimization solution for Pacer Energy Marketing. The data-driven analytics platform is designed to help Pacer, a North American gatherer, transporter, and marketer of Crude Oil, achieve increased margins and optimize strategic decisions based on existing data.

Due to the explosion of U.S. oil production over the last several years and the recent price volatility; crude marketing has become increasingly more competitive.

“Our team uses a company’s existing data to create pictures that tell a story about the business. capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization solution can harness that data into a powerful tool to help guide a business to make more informed strategic decisions. With our extensive experience in the energy market paired with decades of analytics and business intelligence knowledge, capSpire is well positioned to partner with Pacer Energy Marketing on this innovative solution,” says capSpire co-founder Mike Scharf.

capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization solution consists of two core components. The first component, and basis of the platform, is a set of descriptive analytics that can uniformly measure the business over time.  The second component is a set of decision optimization tools that will assist the business in making both tactical and strategic decisions.

“capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization solution enables our organization to improve margins by making better strategic and tactical decisions,” says Pacer Energy Marking’s Director of Technology Mike Rodebush.

Pacer Energy Marketing is leveraging the following features to drive business value from the Lease Crude Optimization solution:

  • Monthly Nominations – Pacer needed be able to submit monthly nominations by station in a way that optimizes monthly P&L taking into account historical lease volumes, transportation costs, station volume and penalty constraints, and market prices.
  • Intra-Month Truck Dispatch Optimization – Pacer needed to provide technology to the dispatcher that aided the dispatcher in making decisions that were consistent with monthly nominations. The intra-month module brings together all of the information in a single view that enables the dispatchers to make optimal dispatch decisions.
  • What-if Analysis – The what-if analysis capabilities enable Pacer’s to make more informed strategic decisions by understanding P&L impacts due to new or lost lease volume, new stations, or changes in transportation costs.
  • Monthly look-back – the monthly look-back features allows dispatchers and managers to analyze the prior months deliveries to understand opportunities for margin up-lift.

“Pacer Energy Marketing’s decision to implement capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization solution reflects their commitment to embrace innovative solutions to gain a more comprehensive view of their business. capSpire is thrilled to partner with Pacer Energy Marketing to help them leverage existing data, optimize strategic decisions, and achieve increased margins,” Scharf says.

Click to learn more about capSpire’s Lease Crude Optimization solution, or the firm’s entire Data Analytics service offering.

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