Case Study: How capSpire was able to clean up and expand a previous RightAngle implementation in a matter of months

POSTED BY capSpire ON April 23, 2021 IN Blog, Case Study, E/CTRM

Explore how we were able to clean up and expand a previous RightAngle implementation in a matter of months after a fuel supplier and marketer’s two-year struggle to resolve issues. “The most telling statement we can make about our relationship with capSpire is that we feel that they are totally acting in our best interests …

Is Your CTRM System’s Hosting Set Up Correctly? by Tracy Teague

POSTED BY capSpire ON March 23, 2021 IN Blog, E/CTRM

Recently, a client of ours that had transitioned a CTRM system to cloud-based hosting noticed some troubling issues related to performance speed and inconsistent monthly subscription fees that caught leadership by surprise. Company stakeholders were mystified by the system’s slowness and unsure of why costs weren’t being managed well. They asked capSpire to investigate. As …

My New Normal: A Year of Delivering Value Remotely by Craig Stewart

POSTED BY capSpire ON March 22, 2021 IN Blog

Prior to 2020, I had spent 12 years employed at a single company, with a commute no longer than 15 minutes by car. However, commute I would, bound to an office of bricks and mortar, surrounded by a myriad of colleagues, many of whom I still classify as friends today. As creatures of habit, we …

Consulting at capSpire: the 1 Year Mark by Reena Samani

POSTED BY capSpire ON March 2, 2021 IN Blog, Careers

Happy work anniversary to me! Even with the woes of a global pandemic looming over our heads like the sword of Damocles, my first year at capSpire has been a great experience: Becoming a consultant. Coming from a largely functional background with some technical knowledge, I was keen on expanding my technical skills. My aspiration …

Consulting at capSpire: the 1 Year Mark by Patrick Erstine

POSTED BY capSpire ON February 22, 2021 IN Blog

Before joining capSpire, I worked at a Fortune 50-sized oil and gas corporation, where I found myself eventually craving more exciting challenges from my work. I was fortunate to find a fit for my skills at capSpire. Working here over the past year has provided me with an ambitious, fast-paced, and immensely enjoyable work experience, …

Data and Culture Change by Richard Payne

POSTED BY capSpire ON February 10, 2021 IN Blog, Digital Transformation

Technology has historically impacted society in discrete waves.  Digital has assumed such significance because this is the first time that a number of technology waves (cloud, IoT, AI, etc) have broken simultaneously and at a price point that makes enormous functionality and processing power available relatively cheaply.  In commodity assets, many producers have been at …



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